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English Worship Service

Fellowship for Christ 

Ipswich Pentecostal Church has a strong vision and mission to cover Ipswich with the love of GOD.Everyone in the church were dedicatedly praying for a strong revival in Ipswich. There were lot of activities been undertaken to spread the gospel in Ipswich.We as a church are seeing results every day.

After the 2020 Pandemic Lockdown, GOD enabled our church to open all services as usual and stick to the faith as our Bible says.We have experienced the power of GOD throughout the year.It was then,Few youngsters came up with the Idea to start a new English worship service focusing on Biblical teachings.This idea was accepted by the pastor and elders and we have our English service every Sunday from 09:30 to 10:15 at Rushmere Village hall, IP4 3PD. We invite all of you to the "Fellowship for Christ".

For more info, Please call 07504821502

Join our team and work together!

Glory to GOD! 

Pray, participate and be blessed

Thank you

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